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“Pleasant, patient with my sons. Great people and great dentists. Great smiles. They worked great with my sons with their checkups today: patient and explained to them, then spoke to me clearly about precisely what’s going on with their teeth and gums. My boys have no qualms with going to their dental appointments.” – Dessie S., February 2017

“Quality service. Called and got a last-minute appointment for a chipped tooth. We arrived early and were taken back quickly. The chip was repaired and looks great. Very pleased!!” — Amy R., February 2017

“Service is always professional and friendly. My child had to have an unexpected extraction and even though it was uncomfortable, she ended up feeling positive about the experience. Everything was explained to her, she was a little frightened, but all ended well, and she is fine with going back. This is a great thing.” — Lisa H., February 2017

“My 21-month-old son fell and busted his three front teeth, and we went to the ER in Eaton. We were referred to them for emergency services. We called and they closed at noon on Good Friday but waited an hour for us to get to Middletown and the service was great. Friendly and great with our son. Granted, they pulled his three teeth but the process was quick and professional. Thank you again for everything. Now my son looks like hockey player but the staff was amazing.” — Chris H., March 2017

“My two oldest needed extensive work done at ages four and six. The staff used age-appropriate terms to let them know what was happening each step of the way and encouragement to get it done the fastest way possible. I was able to be right there the whole time. My heart ached for what they went through, but the staff here made it as smooth as possible—better than the previous family/non-pediatric dentist we tried to use for the fillings. We’ve had no cavities ever since and they are not traumatized.” — Kamie S., January 2016

“Dr. Doug Brockman takes care of our children’s dental needs. There is no substitute for the quality pediatric dentistry you’ll receive at their office. Very fun, playful, and careful with your precious children. They go out of their way to make the visit a good experience. Highly recommended!” — George N.

“We have been going here since we moved to the area 12 years ago. They seem to have gotten even better with time. I think they have an ongoing intentional commitment to stay current regarding customer service and satisfaction. My boys (three of them, now ages 16, 14, and 11) never seem to complain to go to the dentist. All the staff is very friendly and tries to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. Would recommend this office to anyone looking for a pediatric dentist.” — Beth N.

“Still amazing after more than 35 years. I am now 40 and one of my children has to go there for some cavities. As a kid, I never minded going to the dentist because they were always efficient, nice, and gentle. And I got a prize! That is still true today. My son was not upset about going to the dentist. This was his first time having any work done other than a cleaning. He had two fillings to get today. From the time we got there until he was done was only about an hour … it would have been less, but my son wanted to play with the Legos and video games and puzzles and other fun things that are at the office. We did not have to wait long in the waiting room and the dentist was quick in getting to us, which is wonderful with a very energetic five-year-old boy. My son was spoken to gently; everything that was going on was being explained to him in a way that wouldn’t make him nervous or scared. He left with a smile on his face; well, a half smile, since one side of his mouth was numb. LOL.” — Amanda B.

“The best pediatric dentist! I drive 40 minutes from Colerain to bring my three kids here for now two years. This place is the best!! The workers are amazing; you’re in and out quick. The doctor made an evening personal call to check on my seven-year-old who had her first dental work done earlier in office. :) A+++++” — Tara L.